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31 Jul

If you want to have Airline Guest Service internship experience this winter you need to apply now, and have your English level, previous experience, and educated evaluated.

Next Airline internship is available from early December 2014.

We notice that Airline internship is very popular among Asian students and working holiday makers this summer. Anyone who’s interested can apply for it on time and prepare well for it too.

Our internship host partner, WestJet takes on internship students during peak summer and winter period. We could not place anyone this summer. We had applicants, but their English wasn’t as strong as what the WestJet’s HR managers wanted.

Thinking about it, level of English is a reasonable criteria as WestJet is a Canadian Airline and most of the travelers onboard will be English-speaking North Americans.

So the most important qualification they are looking for is language proficiency in English.

If you ask us about Airline internship now, we can check your level of English, and see if you have the right education and experience. If you don’t have the English proficiency or experience that WestJet will be looking for, we can start working with you to build up your work experience in Vancouver as  well as English proficiency in work settings. Springboard’s internship program has a monthly start, and our next group is going to start internship preparation workshops from August 16th.

Here are some key information about WestJet Airline internship.

initpintu_副本Your role: Guest Service

  • Greeting and assisting guests and handling their enquiries
  • Assist with kiosk Check-In
  • Assist with translation and other language barriers
  • Providing directions and transfer assistance to guests
  • Become an expert in the knowledge of YVR’s layout

You will also have the chance to take part in a Comprehensive Training Program.

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