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Compared to Sprott Shaw College, Arbutus College is much smaller and more than 90% of students are International students and they are from over 20 different countries. They only have a Vancouver downtown campus and about 250 students are studying there.


Because they are a smaller college and specialized in international student education, course options are a lot more geared towards international students.


Arbutus College was established in 2002, with the key objective to provide students a unique business and communication educational structure not available elsewhere in Vancouver. In 2011, Arbutus College became part of Educo international education group

Download Arbutus College’s most updated brochure here.


Co-op Diploma program and options


The 12 month Co-op Diploma is one of the most popular programs available at Arbutus College. They offer 4 specializations that you can choose from. You can download the program brochure and see the course details according to the specializations you are interested in.


• Business Management co-op diploma | Download Brochure
• Marketing business co-op diploma | Download Brochure
• International trade co-op diploma | Download Brochure
• Hospitality co-op diploma | Download Brochure


Opportunity for paid co-op


The Co-op Diploma programs have a 6 month co-op term. Anyone eligible for paid co-op placement should consider this program so that you are available for a 6 month co-op placement term. You will find more information about it on OVERVIEW, BOOKING DETAILS, and CAREER SERVICE FOR STUDENTS page.


Students who do not meet the requirements for paid co-op can still choose to sign up for the Co-op Diploma program with an unpaid co-op placement.