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30 Jul

Typically an international student will consider the following: Which college or universities offer the program I am interested in and how well-known are the schools? What are the tuition costs? What English level do I have to have to enter college or university?

Now, we’d like you to consider this as well. What about after graduation, a job to think about and have?  What we have learned is that the majority of students don’t consider enough about their job prospect and plan after graduation. And it is because there are very limited resources available through colleges, and education agencies too.  We think we may be able to change that soon.


Here is How Springboard Agency Helps

It is not easy to think so far ahead and you may not exactly know what types of jobs are out there and what you want clearly in your mind. But if you want to build your future in Canada, you should get familiar with how education and the employment market are linked to each other. What options do you have as an international student to work in a specific industry and what types of jobs should you focus on to apply for permanent residency?  How do you build relevant experience in Canada and build the right skills to get that job?

Last year, we have helped over 250 international students for professional internship and other types of work experience opportunities in BC and AB. Our passion for and know-how on the local job market, resources and experience on how to prepare for a job and internship, network of trust-worthy employers and much more professional support is now available for international students planning long term education in Canada and seeking the possibility of becoming a new Canadian.

Meet us and talk about your Career & Education plan

At the end of your meeting with us, you will have a more than enough knowledge about the best possible future job, what education you should take on to meet the job requirements, and what steps you may need to take to be employable for the job that best fits you.

Springboard’s Career & Education Plan service will involve:

  • Discussion with you about which job best fits you
  • Informing you on which colleges and programs will help you achieve your employment goal
  • Evaluation on your current English level and advice on meeting English requirements
  • Applying for a college or university, and help with official documents
  • Referral to a carefully selected licensed immigration consultant to support you
  • Giving you career development tools to make you employable in Canada

Like what you see? Contact us to book a meeting time soon.

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