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Who Is This For?

International students currently studying in Canada who need job experience (practicum, internship or co-op) as part of your academic requirements for successful completion. Students would need a valid work permit to participate. Student can request for fee-based placement service from Springboard Agency or through one of our academic partners.

Types of Work Experience Opportunities
Architecture, Interior design, Financial service, Legal administration, Travel & Tourism, Hotel management, Culinary, Early Childhood Education, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Airline, Fashion, Event planning, Wedding planning, Pharmacy, Medical administration*
*No internship opportunity available for Mining or Nursing.
Required Experience
No, we don’t expect you to have tons of previous work experience. If you are hoping to do a hotel front desk internship, you should have some customer service or hospitality job experience in the past. If you are an interior design student seeking an internship in the field, you should have some visual presentation ready (portfolio) so you can show case knowledge and how you have used it through academic projects.
Unpaid or Paid
Most of the internship placement is arranged as an unpaid internship. Length of your internship, English language ability and your current job skills will decide whether you will be considered for a paid internship placement or not.
If this is your first ever job experience (internship) in Canada it is more common to start with an unpaid internship. We offer paid internship placement but prefer candidates with more than 6 month availability, advanced level of English communication and 2 to 3 years of related job experience abroad.
How Placement Service Is Provided
We strongly believe that proper preparation before placement is the key to a successful internship experience. We won’t just give you a company name, address, start date and call it a placement.
We have regularly scheduled group based preparation workshops in Vancouver. It’s a group of international students studying in Vancouver, looking for opportunities to grow as a skilled professional.
You will be invited to join preparation workshops before placement is offered. Preparation workshops will get you ready with a better English resume, show you how to prepare for an interview conducted in English, touch up on some of the common expectations in Canadian work place.
Once you complete the workshops and assignments, we will schedule 1:1 mock interview time. We get you completely ready before arranging an interview with a Canadian host organization. Once you have a successful interview, the host organization will agree to bring you onboard as a new team member and give the training and experience you need to succeed in today’s job market.
After placement, it’s our important role to remain as a contact point for both you and the host to ensure great internship and host experience can be achieved.
Please book a free consultation to meet us in person. It’s ideal to meet up at least 6 to 8 weeks before the date you wish to start your internship experience. Also, a face to face meeting is one of the most important steps we take to ensure successful internship placement and experience for you.
It’s an opportunity for you to ask us few questions you may have and also a chance for us to learn about your goal, strength & weakness, personality, job specific skills and preference you may have for your internship placement.
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