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01 Sep

We can help you with preparing for your internship. Our next internship preparation workshop start date is on the 13th of September. Contact us for a FREE consultation about our internship preparation workshops and how we can help you!

Are you considering whether an internship is important? If you are not sure, then you can be sure that your future employer is going to be looking at your internship work experience during your college or university period.

According to recent articles in Bloomberg Businessweek, students who found the time to do an internship found it much easier to get a job. The graph below shows that those students with an internship have almost twice the amount of success at getting a job than a student with no internship experience. The main reason for this is that employers want a student who has had on-the-job experience and related previous experience. Previously we have also posted about a skills gap that young graduates face when they are looking for a job.

In fact, the highest weighted attribute that future employers look for is internships, followed closely by employment during college. This is even more important than your college major or GPA!!

Attributes that employers look for when considering new graduates.Attributes that employers look for when considering new graduates.

Internships are of high importance because it prepares you for the workforce and provides you with the necessary skills to do well in the workforce without too much training, a key advantage when you are active in the job market. Through our internship workshops we assess your career plan and see how we can support you to achieve your career goal.

Some key benefits of completing an internship successfully include:
• Gaining practical experience in a professional Canadian work environment
• Adding related Canadian experiences to your resume, improving your future job competitiveness
• A great opportunity to practice academic theory and knowledge
• Further improve English communication (specific to your career goals) and confidence in English speech

How does it work?
Our trained professionals meet with you to discuss what your education and professional background includes as well as find out about your skills, abilities, and future career goals. You will be invited to group preparation workshops designed for international students, and cover topics like what employers want, how to become a successful interning student, English resume workshops, interview skills and more. Once group workshops are completed, a 1:1 English mock interview is provided, then the individual is matched with a Canadian host organization available that best matches you skills, education background and level, and future career goals.


Available internship industries/types
We can offer opportunities in a variety of fields including (but not limited to):

> Film and Media > Education
> Trade and Logistics > Manufacturing
> Fashion and Apparel > Engineering
> Hotel and Tourism > Finance
> Sales and Marketing > Industrial
> Administration > Informational Technology

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