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07 Jan

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Since summer 2014, we have met with more Engineering students and graduates than our previous years. Based on market trends there is a definite demand for engineers, but employers are also keen to hire workers with some practical skills. So many students are now seeking internship/co-op opportunities for career development to become a qualified & skilled engineering graduates.


Yuri was one of them and interested in an Engineering internship experience. He had completed Mechanical Engineering degree in Brazil in July 2014 and came straight to Vancouver for a career development opportunity. He signed up for a 26 week study and work program, and attended Sprott Shaw Degree College in Vancouver. His program was structured with 13 weeks of full time Business Communication and Management related academic courses, and complimented with 13 weeks of Co-op work term.


From his resume, we saw that he has been actively developing his skills in Brazil and he clearly knew the importance of skill development at an actual work setting.

The host organization in Vancouver that we found for him, was founded in 2008 to develop a technology that can harness the energy in free flowing water to provide a clean, reliable, and cost effective alternative to fossil fuels. This involves designing a special turbine that can be placed in salt or fresh water conditions, to produce electricity to power homes, lodges, and commercial facilities.




For Yuri it was great opportunity to use some of his academic knowledge, improve his practical engineering skills, SOLIDWORKS skills and also experience more hands-on mechanical assembly work. This was a great on-the-job training opportunity with highly experienced engineers in Vancouver.


When Yuri started his co-op with the organization, they were about to start doing assembly work for one of their prototypes which was being designed locally, and assembled and tested in Vancouver. Once assembled and tested in Vancouver, the prototype was going to be relocated to one of their field testing sites in Manitoba.  Yuri helped his engineering supervisors with prototype assembly work for the first 3 to 4 weeks of his co-op, then started working on 3D renderings that would show simulations of how the turbine works, produces electricity and many other aspects of the innovative technology behind the turbine powered electricity production.


Towards the end of his internship, Yuri also was assigned to do technical market research for related technology and demand in the Brazil and Chile regions. For Yuri, his internship was an opportunity to upgrade his skills on SOLIDWORKS which he had limited experience before, be familiar with engineering terminology in English, improve his ability to write and summarize engineering reports, and an opportunity to open his eyes on a new renewable technology that was far more advanced in Canada than Brazil.


Yuri at his host organization



Our internship/co-op service is specifically designed for international students and foreign educated & trained young professionals with many different educational and work backgrounds.

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