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25 Jul

The mission and goal of Springboard Agency is to support as many international students (IS) as possible so that they can build a career for better employment in the future. In order to help international students, we must understand the strengths they bring to workforce, challenges they face in Canada, and the changing faces of the IS population itself. So, how do we improve the international student experience?

More and more international students after graduation want to stay in Canada and apply for PR, because the overall living quality and job outlook here is positive. But here comes the challenges some of them face.

First, it has been reported that there is inconsistency of information and lack of clarity on constantly changing immigration policies and processes. IS needs to actively research and seek out accurate information more effectively and efficiently, be educated and informed better about PR eligibility pertaining to employment requirements, such as NOC, Skill Level, and etc. Some students spend years studying something in school that will not get them a PR and others work in positions or companies that are not familiar with immigration policies and won’t support them for PR application.

Second, more often than not, IS are not afforded the same opportunities as domestic students. Public universities and college’s internship and co-op programs are not enough for IS, because they are competing with domestic students and many opportunities through these programs are simply not accessible to IS. Students should carefully consider what they are getting into before spending money! Public universities can have limited ability to advise and offer specialized guidance to the IS population.

Our advice: One, speak to someone and get some support, you don’t have to make long term plans alone. Secondly, use your study visa, work visa, and post-graduate work permit more wisely!

According to a recent research by the Ministry of Training Universities and Colleges (MTCU), several recommendations were made to improve the international student experience. Recommendations were directed at universities, employers, and immigration services.

Instead of waiting for institutional change, we want to help to make the process pleasant for you. We educate and prepare international students about employment requirement for PR, support you in making choices for your career (career planning), prepare and train you to be work-ready (workshops), and place you into opportunities that would increase your chances of getting employed (internship placement).

See an example of a student success story and how we help manage your career development: Olivia Cho

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