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25 Jul

Olivia’s hard work and internship experience paying off!!

Olivia called our office a few days ago, giving us the best news of this week. Olivia is from Korea, an international graduate from Douglas College with a Commerce and Business Diploma. She has been mentioned on our blog a few times in the past, and that was about when she was still doing internship at FedEx Network in Richmond.

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE About a year before she completed her diploma, Springboard’s career service consultants started working with her by finding out her skills, weaknesses, interests and helping her select a possible job area that would make her more marketable after completing her studies. We narrowed it down to Tourism industry or Custom Brokerage.  Today, she received a job offer from a Canadian custom brokerage firm in Delta. We want to share with you the steps she went through to arrive at today and how we built her employability in a year and a half.

Step 1: workshops.  Pre-employement workshops were delivered to give her full understanding of writing an attractive English resume, being ready for job interviews and figuring out how to survive in the new Canadian work setting; we offered workshops in a group-format and very personalized.

Step 2: on-the-job training and internship. We designed and arranged a series of volunteering and on-the-job training for her to build up her employability, with the purpose of making her a strong and attractive job applicant for custom brokerage positions. She went through internship at WestJet, Cannan Shipping and a week ago completed her final on-the-job training (internship) with Fedex.

Take a look at what Olivia did and gained doing an internship at FedEx.

Today is her first day of work with her new employer in Delta, and we are happy to share this great news about Olivia and speak to the value of proper career planning and internship. It can really help international graduates become much more employable!

If you are international students seeking professional advice on job selection and actions you can take to make yourself a strong job applicant upon graduation, ask us for a 1:1 meeting at support@springboardagency.org. It is free to meet us and learn about the services we can provide you.