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Why study in Canada?

If you are answering this question with ‘to graduate from a Canadian college or university, get a job and ultimately immigrate to Canada’, you should really be asking yourself ‘What should I be studying in Canada?’. Your intentions and goals are clear, so the next step is to think and choose strategically to achieve your goals.

A lot of international students start their decision-making process with thoughts about majors they find interesting or colleges/universities that have a good ranking. Business Management and International Trade are popular majors offered by most colleges/universities for international students. But are these majors going to effectively get you a job in Canada? How about jobs in other industries? What majors would be required for them?

How to pick a major that gets you a job.

Recently, a published research by Canadian media and consulting firms shows a few key issues when it comes to employability after graduation: skills gap and skills shortage.

A skills gap means that there is a gap between what the industry (employers) want in certain jobs and what new graduates bring from their education. A skills gap can be ‘managed’ by taking part-time courses, some extra training or internships for practical work experience.

A skills shortage is more difficult to manage. Let’s say the industry needs electricians or air-conditioning engineers, but students keep selecting business, literature, or arts majors. This is what we call a misalignment between what the employment market needs and what students are preparing for.

Ask yourself the right questions!

skills concept thinkstock_290X230As a future international student planning to come to Canada, ask yourself: “How is the job market like in Canada? Which industries need graduates? What majors and types of education can prepare for that?”

Springboard’s suggestion is simple: choose your Canadian education based on real job demands and think outside of the box!