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06 Aug

Each month, we select a student for the Student of the Month Award based on the feedback and review from supervisors and student personal growth since the start of their program. As a reward, we feature the student on Facebook and give one free entry to pub night the following month.

Student of the Month Award is a way to recognize student efforts, achievements, and encourage good professional work. Every student brings their own unique skills and experience, and we can all learn from that.

Selecting one person for the award is always difficult, because we receive positive feedback from supervisors all the time. That’s why we also look at the changes in the student themselves (personal, social, professional) since the beginning of their program.

awardMatheus is the recipient of the July’s Student of the Month. He started working at an IT consulting company in June as an Intern and has now become an integral member of the company. When we first met Matheus, it was difficult to get words out of him, but now he is much more active and socially confident, and have no problem communicating his thoughts with us and his team at the company. He is taking on more roles and responsibility at his internship and handles his own projects, which involves delegating tasks to others and overseeing the success of projects.

His supervisor gave him a very high review and considers keeping him on!

“Matheus has been very excellent, we’re considering hiring him at the end of his internship as a paid employee. I give him 5 star out of 5 for every category you have. No need to say more. He is as good of an employee as it gets as a software developer.” says his supervisor.

Matheus now has a very strong reference that would help him a lot wherever he goes in the future.

Internship is a great way to build up your resume and local reference. If you work hard, you never know where your internship may lead you!

If you are interested in doing an internship, contact us at support@springboardagency.org to learn more about our program and opportunities that may be suitable for you.