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Sprott Shaw College was founded in 1903, and started with just a few campuses in Metro Vancouver and BC. Today they operate more than 15 campuses in BC and offer a wide range of certificate and diploma programs to help students find meaningful careers. Sprott Shaw’s international student population is concentrated in their downtown campus where over 300 students study each month. The most popular study & co-op program offered by Sprott Shaw College is the Business communication management co-op program.


Download Sprott Shaw’s International Brochure here.


Recommended Study & Co-op program


Business Communication Management with Co-op
Length: 26 weeks
Options: Business or hospitality specialization
Academic core courses: Foundation of Canadian English, English presentation skills, Canadian Business and culture, Fundamental Business Communication
Specialization options: able to choose 2 credit courses for Business or Hospitality specialization


• Business Communication Management with co-op diploma | Download brochure
• Communication Management with Hospitality Co-op diploma | Download brochure



BCM Co-op is very attractive for University & College students taking time off from their study looking for short term programs where they can enhance English communication skills and grow as a young professional. We don’t think this is ideal for someone with years of professional experience from abroad but this is definitely attractive for young students and growing very popular in Korea, Japan and some of the Latin American countries. Some of the students study an English language course for about 3 months and then join Sprott Shaw’s 13 weeks academic term before coming to Springboard for 13 weeks of unpaid co-op placement.


Co-op Placement

The program is too short to offer paid co-op placement. BCM’s co-op term is just 13 weeks. Students can still work part time during their studies and co-op though. For more details on co-op placement for BCM, you can go to Career Service for students.