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08 May

Meet Debbie Wu, she is studying ECE in Canada.


Meet Debbie

Debbie Wu at preschool


We visited Debbie Wu this week to see her working with children at a preschool located  in the Kitsilano area. She started in February and it’s her last week working as a volunteer with them.

Last 3 months she studied in the morning to get her basic course requirements completed, and spend the afternoons at the preschool to get her work experience build up.



Choosing to study ECE in Canada and follow her passion


Debbie was attending a Business Management degree program  when we first met her.  She has  a very gentle and caring personality, and we just didn’t see her working in a corporate setting where most Business Management graduates seek job opportunities.  She felt the same, and told us it had been her concern the whole time she was studying in her first year. We chatted more about what she really wants to do and enjoys doing.  Surprisingly, early childhood education was the answer. She dropped out of the degree program and re-entered a 2-year diploma program at Capilano University to complete the Early Childhood Education diploma.


Building Great Work Experience during Your Studies


Debbie has just completed her 1st internship experience with a well-recognized preschool in a great neighborhood in Vancouver. She will be doing more internships during her studies to get her career profile ready and become more employable before she completes her 2 year diploma at Capilano University.  Her early childhood educator  internship experience will make Debbie a much more attractive candidate for employers after she graduates.


Becoming an ECE instructor is a great choice if you really enjoy working with children and like being in the education industry. The position of ECE instructor is categorized as a skill level B under the NOC. The NOC is a system used by the Government of Canada to classify jobs occupations. Jobs are grouped based on the type of work a person does and job duties. It’s very important that you, as an international graduate, have a job that is considered skilled to fit in with some of the provincial or federal immigration requirements.


Springboard Agency offers consultation for international students attending college or University in Vancouver, to help them make the right plans to build a career in Canada. If you need our help, feel free to send contact us and book a free consultation.


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